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Remember Nizam

Remember Nizam is musical celebration of the life and art of the late Abdul Nizam, award-winning filmmaker and singer-songwriter/drummer of pioneering Singapore Indie band, The NoNames. The tribute show was organised by his friends and colleagues to honour one of the most lovable and inspiring persons ever to emerge in the local music and film scenes.

We contributed the design of the poster, tickets, social media visuals and the projection video for the concert, designed to mimic the era of The NoNames in the mid-80s with the photocopied DIY aesthetic.

The show reunited Twang Bar Kings which consists of Don Bosco (Daze) & Leslie Low (The Observatory), Endless (Feat. Nigel Hogan & Friends) and Gary Chand (of IGTA) & Friends. The concert took place on Sunday 31 July 106 at The Substation, with profits channeled to the estate of Abdul Nizam.

Client: fFurious
Year: 2016
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