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Arts Management in South Asia

Commissioned by ASEF culture360Arts Management: Challenges and Learning from 7 Cultural Organisations in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan publishes the research of ARThinkSouthAsia – a management, policy and research programme in the arts and cultural sector, dedicated to founding and supporting a cadre of arts managers in South Asia.

The scope of the publication is limited to seven organisations across India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. An attempt has been made to examine relatively small but key organisations that are representative of the diverse, cultural, and often difficult, socio-political contexts within which they operate. The case studies highlight both the challenges as well as the often entrepreneurial methods of working in the cultural sector in South Asia.

The design of the publication takes the visual cues from the colourful decorative art style found in South Asia such as the typography of hand-painted Indian shop signages or patterns from painted Bangladeshi rickshaws. The elements and colours were used to full effect to form the decorative borders, sectional separators, and the typography of the publication. A web banner was also designed for promotion on social media and their website.

You can download the publication here.

Client: Asia-Europe Foundation
Year: 2016
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