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One of the highlights of the Asian Civilisation Museum’s River Nights Festival is the world premiere of an original theatrical experience, YUGEN: The Hidden Beauty Of Japan.

Created by renowned director Amon Miyamoto and scenographer Shutaro Oku, travel into the mysterious fugitive world of YUGEN and savour glimpses of profound beauty of nature with Noh actors performing the extraordinary lions’ dance Shakkyo and the celestial maiden’s dance Hagoromo, set against a rich visual tapestry.

YUGEN boldly melds the ancient Japanese art of Noh with 21st century 3D scenography, where nature unfolds with special 3D glasses mounted on an Omote Noh mask.

The event identity unites the classic tategaki vertical writing style and English typography form, and combined with embellishments of traditional mon flower emblems in a classic layout, the design echoes the essence of the performance. This was carried through the collaterals of a flyer, a poster and an email invite.

The 30 min show was presented on 28 & 29 Oct 2016, Fri & Sat, 8pm & 9:30pm at ACM Green, Asian Civilisations Museum.

Client: CultureLink
Year: 2016
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