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Singlish Beer

When we were invited by Archipelago Brewery to brand a new series of beers that is uniquely local, we thought about what best represented the drinking culture in Singapore. So, we turned to Singlish to help us out, and that is how Singlish Beer was born.

Tok Gong, Ki Siao, Sibeh Ho, Ah Kah Ji are terms that are thrown around in conversations over drinks here in Singapore. They are close to heart, and they are words that we say to our close friends. Adopting these colloquial terms for the beer names is a way of sending a nod to our local drinking culture. It not only resonates with the locals but also intrigues those who aren’t familiar with our “Singlish ways”.

In designing the packaging for these heartfelt Singlish terms, we chose to personify them to make them relevant to those who aren’t familiar with them. We developed characters that fully embraced that essence of these colloquial terms and the taste, making them a talking point over drinks. Bold patterns, contrasting colours and loud typography blend together to create vibrant and memorable characters that are befitting to the “shiokness” of drinking these crafted beers.

Client: Archipelago Brewery
Year: 2017
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