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SkinnyboneZ Hungry Ghost

With shared music tastes and topical interests, every meeting with the artist SkinnyboneZ encompassed long, insightful and pleasurable conversations. If only all client meetings were like that.

We were first tasked to design his logo and naturally explored ideas of skeletons and skinniness, which eventually led to a logotype that was lean in structure and form, constructed with the font Titillium.

To design the album cover, we had the privilege to listen to early demos of the songs all the way to the finished pieces, letting them simmer in our minds while exploring imagery and also delving into our photo archives to find that one image to convey the title, Hungry Ghost.

We found a photo shot many years ago in a backlane of Club Street late in the night where the silhouette of someone awaits at the far end. Evoking the edginess of a mystery and the ache of longing, it’s an apt visual representation of an album described as stories of ghosts, real and imagined, tracing Amsterdam, London and Singapore.

For the release on Bandcamp, we styled the page with complimentary green tones that matched the album cover and created a textured background from the SkinnyboneZ logo, with the intention to put the focus on the album cover itself while retaining an ease of reading.

Listen to SkinnyboneZ’s Hungry Ghost here. It is free to download till end July 2020.

Client: SkinnyboneZ
Year: 2020
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