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Sound>Tracks features five Singapore musicians from five seminal bands in an introspective setting accompanied by live multi-screened video projections at the Esplanade Recital Studio.

This collaboration features Bani Haykal, performance poet and frontman of alternative rock group B-Quartet; Saiful Idris, singer, songwriter and guitarist of indie rock dance outfit Great Spy Experiment; Esam “Slowjaxx” Salleh, former frontman of experimental funk band, The Stoned Revivals; Atwell Jansen, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist of veteran band Heritage; and Nigel Hogan, former member of alternative rock band Padres; and video art direction by fFurious and Nanyang Polytechnic’s motion graphics and broadcast design students.

The concept of the event identity presents each artist as a colour in a spectrum that interconnects each other in the unity of this performance.

Client: raiSE
Year: 2020
Tags: brochure, Motion, print, Sound, Tracks, video
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