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Tong Tong

Tong Tong is a brand that puts a fresh twist on tired stereotypes of Chines clothing, creating wearables that infuses Chinese & Asian elements into the universal and sometimes monotonous European sartorial vocabulary.

As a light-hearted and quirky brand, we devised an identity that featured a Chinese girl, the personification of the Tong Tong name.

The namecards feature graphic designs that informed of traditional Chinese literature books in a modern context. While the Peng Yu (friends) members card featured more elaborate illustrations and colours that only friends deserve.

Clothes tag in the silhouette of the Tong Tong girl were designed. Also, their paper bags resembled the traditional brown Chinese paper bags that you’d find in old Chinatowns but refreshed with hot pink prints and rope handles.

Client: Tong Tong
Year: 2008
Tags: Card, identity, Packaging, print, TongTong
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