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Mass Mayhem T-shirt

This t-shirt designed for our D/VISION label is part of RADIOACTIVE’s crossover Mass Mayhem project. Inspired by the way graffiti artists use large areas of walls to create murals, the goal of the full print series was to utilize the t-shirt as a canvas and fill the front, back, or both with graphics and designs of any color and style, as long as the result was representative of the theme.

Other artists featured in this series are RDCTV by Radioactive (Malaysia), Coffee & Cigarettes (Malaysia), Skwak (France), Klear Operation (Thailand), Colletivo Studio (Brazil), Freaktendence (Brazil), Rangerbastards (Indonesia) and Qian Qian (China).

Client: D/VISION
Year: 2006
Tags: Mass, Mayhem, T Shirt
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