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TCC Pineapple Tarts

Since 2003, TCC (The Connoisseur Concerto) grown to become a household name that has more than 30 boutique cafés and restaurants scattered around Singapore. For the packaging and marketing collaterals of their unique product – the bear-faced TCC Pineapple Tarts – we opted to use a more minimal but lively approach.

The main character of the packaging is a stoic-faced bear doing silly things including balancing the pineapple on his finger and using the pineapple leaves as a hat. Pineapple tarts are a snacking staple during Chinese New Year, thus the main colours picked – red, orange and yellow – were very season-specific. Also, the cross-hatch pattern on the band holding the 2 boxes together mimics the skin or outer covering of a pineapple. The key visual was then translated into the different marketing collaterals and products.

Client: the connoisseur concerto
Year: 2014
Tags: identity, illustration, Packaging, Pineapple, print, Tarts, tcc
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