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Wanderlust Hotel

Wanderlust is a boutique hotel located in Little India, in a conservation building that was originally an old school built in the 1920s. 4 design teams were invited to each design a floor, namely Asylum, Phunk Studio, DP Architects and fFurious. We designed the top floor consisting of 9 duplex suites flanking a corridor.

Comprising 5 themes, the concept of Creature Comforts evolved from our travel experiences, where the friends we make and friends we met made the trips much more memorable. So we wanted guests to feel instantly welcome when they stepped into a room, by having a friendly creature or two waiting for them there, bringing comfort in the form of rest or just being delightful.

The Typewriter room features a giant typewriter as a bench with arms that extend across the room. Dangling exposed light bulbs plays up the industrial-themed rooms.

The Tree room features a tree monster that provides a foliage of soft felt leaves for comfort, with flooring designed with mosaic tiles of roots that extend from the tree.

The Space room has black walls with embedded LED lights that makes you feel as if you’re floating in space, while a gang of small plush creatures hangs out amidst a huge rocket.

The ASCII rooms have blocks of letters emergeing from walls that form creatures. There’s one with window blinds as eyelids, which pull up to reveal beaming eyes. If you look closely at the letters on the walls, you can find the names of all the designers (Say, Seow Fen, Bert, Jon-Erik, Joanne, Little, and fFurious) who teamed up on this project.

The Bling room has a levitating 2-headed guru holds out a light and looks after your well-being. The mirrored room helps you to keep looking good wherever you are.

The corridor features lamps with graphics that were inspired by all the rooms, which cast a pattern of shadows on the wall. Walking along the corridor, you’ll also notice that the typography on the signages have graphics that depict the theme of each room.

Client: Wanderlust Hotel
Year: 2010
Tags: Hotel, Spatial, Wanderlust
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